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Thursday, August 27, 2015

 Will is a handsome high school senior.  He is thoughtful and compassionate and he cares deeply about issues that matter. Will is an active leader of the Winamac Tree Committee, showing a commitment to his community and to the environment. He did a great job in his school's recent production of Les Miserables and consistently makes the distinguished honor roll. He also holds down a part-time job so he can earn money for fun and to put away for college. He plans on attending Ball State University after graduation and is considering a career in psychology or teaching. It is fun to spend time with Will. He has a super sense of humor and yet can intelligently discuss issues like the victimization of women in society. It was a pleasure to take his picture - and I plan to take additional photographs of Will in the weeks to come!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Click on picture to see it larger! Such a beautiful girl!

Emilie - 2015

Meet Emilie! She is a sophomore with an artistic side and loves to create drawings and paintings.  She loves music and has a great voice. If you ask nicely, you might get lucky and be treated to her breaking into song with a fully choreographed routine! Emilie is getting ready to take Driver's Ed and looks forward to getting her Learner's Permit so she can get closer to that day she gets her Driver's License. I have lots of fun taking pictures of Emilie. She has been one of my favorite subjects in past art projects. She is game for just about anything I ask her to do! Look out, World, this young lady is coming at you with both barrels!!

Welcome to Deborah Dare Photography

For more than a decade, I have taken photographs that I feature front and center as part of various art projects. My end projects were never simple photographs but more complex works of art that usually expanded on one or more of my photographs. The photograph was never the end goal. (To be fair, not all of my projects were based on my own photographs.)

I have spent the last year working on developing my photography skills and upgrading/adding to my photography equipment. I now find myself far more focused on the actual photographs I take and have - for the time being anyway - let my other art projects simmer more on the back burner. Where this journey takes me remains to be seen. I can't predict whether this will become my full fledged passion or whether this is just a detour on the way to something else. What I can say with no hesitation is that I am thrilled to be in a position to expand my involvement with creating images for myself and others.

Thanks for your interest.
Deborah Bohm